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Thesaurismata: published from 1962 to the present day.

Index of issues 1 (1962) - 37 (2007)

Index of issue 38 (2008)

Index of issues 39-40 (2009-2010)


I. "Library of the Hellenic Institute in Venice"

1. Manolis Chatzidakis, Icons in the Greek church of St George and in the collection of the Hellenic Institute in Venice (in French), Venice 1962.
2. Andre Xyngopoulos, The miniatures in the manuscript of the Alexander the Great romance at the Hellenic Institute in Venice (text in Greek and French), Athens-Venice 1966.
3. Manoussos I. Manoussacas, Unpublished patriarchal letters (1547-1806) to the Archbishops of Philadelphia in Venice and to the Greek Orthodox Confraternity (in Greek), Venice 1968.
4. Art and society in Byzantium under the Palaiologan emperors. Proceedings of a Symposium held in Venice by the International Association for Byzantine Studies in September 1968 (papers in French and other languages), Venice 1971.
5. Vassilios N. Tatakis, Gerasimos Vlachos of Crete (1605/7-1685), philosopher, theologian, philologist (in Greek), Venice 1973.
6. In memory of Sophia Antoniadis (papers in Greek, English, French, German and Italian), Venice 1974.
7. Andre Grabar, Gold and silver coverings on medieval Byzantine icons (in French), Venice 1975.
8. Manolis Chatzidakis, Icons in the Greek Church of St George and in the collection of the Hellenic Institute: Album (text in Greek and French), Venice 1975.
9. Elisabeth Santschi, Abstracts of Civil Judgements and of Memoranda (1363-1399) from the archives of the Duke of Crete (in French), Venice 1976.
10. Andre Grabar - M. Manoussacas, The illustrations in the Skylitzes manuscript in the National Library of Madrid (in French), Venice 1979.

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