The first floor of the Brotherhood’s building (the Scoletta di San Nicolò, designed by Baldassare Longhena in the seventeenth century) housed the Hospital for Needy Greeks, which operated from 1678 to the beginning of the twentieth century. Later this area was converted into a museum of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine icons, inaugurated in 1959 and radically renovated in 1999. As well as a large number of icons it displays illustrated manuscripts, gold-embroidered church vestments belonging to the former archbishops of Philadelphia, as well as small craft works of great historical and artistic value. The collection was formed through donations by members of the Brotherhood and other individuals of Orthodox faith; many icons were transported to Venice by refugees, while others were painted by Greek artists in the city. Of exceptional interest are the works by Michele Damaskinòs, Georgios Klontzas, Emmanuel Lambardos, Theodoros Pulakis, and Emmanuel Tzanes Bounialìs. As well as valuable examples of the Cretan school of icon painting, there are works in the style of Constantinople from the time of the Palaiologan emperors, such as the Madonna and Child, the Apostles and Saints, and the icon of Christ “in glory” with the Apostles, which was brought from Constantinople and donated to the Brotherhood by a noble lady of Byzantium, Anna Palaiologina Notara.

Christ"in Glory"
and the 12 Apostles

14th cent.
The Virgin with Christ, Apostles and Saints
14th cent.
Altarpiece: Virgin, Prophets, Apostles and Saints
early 14th cent.
St George
15th - 16th cent.

The Dormition of St Demetrios
Cretan School
15th-16 th cent.

The Virgin Hodigitria
16th cent.

Virgin "in Glory" and Prophets (detail)
16th cent.

St Eustayhios
16th cent.
The doubting Thomas
17th cent.

St John the Evangelist and Prochoros

St Minas
early 17th cent.
Noah's Ark
17th cent.
St John

The Archangel Michael
17th cent.
The Virgin of Passion
17th cent.
Christ and St John the Baptist
17th cent.

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