Construction of the church of San Giorgio dei Greci began in 1536 and was completed in 1577. The costs, which amounted to the huge sum of 18,000 ducats, were covered in full by both regular and special contributions from the Confraternity.

The church’s architects were initially Santo Lombardo and later Gianantonio Chiona. For the internal decoration the Confraternity invited from Crete the icon painter Michele Damaskinòs, who painted most of iconostasis. To the left of the central opening (Horaia Pyle) was placed the Byzantine icon of Christ Pantokrator, a gift of the Grand Duchess Anna Palaiologina Notara. André Malraux considered this one of the most beautiful Byzantine creations he had ever seen. The frescoes on the dome were the work of Ioannis the Cypriot, (John of Cyprus), under the supervision of the famous Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto, while the mosaics in the sanctuary apse were designed by Tommaso Bathàs.


The belltower rises from the precinct of the church of St George, in the centre of which is a decorative well-head.
The tower was built by Bernardo Ongarin in the period 1587-1603. It has been leaning from the time it was built, adding a picturesque touch to the elegant group of monuments.


Christ Pantocrator
Early 14th cent.
the last supper
The donor Ioannis Manessis
The donor Georgios Manessis 1546

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