The nucleus of the collection consists of books which have been preserved from the rich library of the Flanghinis College, about 2,000 volumes produced by the Greek printing-houses of Venice from the 16th to the 18th century.

Most of these old books come from the printing houses of Glykis and Theodosiou, and are mainly ecclesiastical works and school texts.
However, there are also printed books in demotic Greek (works of Cretan literature, verse romances etc.).
The new books cover the areas of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine history and literature, the history of Greek territories under Venetian domination, as well as Italian and European history and literature. In addition, the library holds the most important Greek periodicals.

The Institute has a collection of 41 Greek manuscripts. Of particular interest are the three illuminated parchment manuscripts of the Gospels, of the Byzantine period (12th, 13th and 15th centuries respectively), the famous fourteenth-century manuscript of pseudo-Callisthenes’ romance of Alexander the Great, with its 250 miniatures, and the Prothesis or Parrhesia of St George, a parchment volume in which from 1630 on the names of the church’s benefactors were recorded so that they could be mentioned during mass.

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