The Archive of the Hellenic Institute (1498-1955) has great importance for the history of the Confraternity, providing a wealth of information on the social and economic life of Greeks in Venice, on their art, their education and on their ecclesiastical history.

The most important registers are the lists of members, the minutes of meetings (Capitolari), the registers of baptisms, births, marriages and deaths, the inventaries, the account books and commercial records, the Confraternity’s constitution (Mariegola), and the register of wills and donations.

The archive contains documentation on the administration of the Confraternity's capital, on religious issues (the chancery of the Orthodox Archbishops of Philadelphia), the fabric of the church of St. George, the convent, the hospital and the Flanghinis College.

Also preserved in the Institute are some Papal bulls of the 15th and 16th centuries, documents on parchment from Venetian doges (16th-18th centuries), and letters from the Patriarchs of Constantinople, Jerusalem and Alexandria to the Archbishops of Philadelphia (16th-19th centuries).

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